PAL Player Hannah bush to play in College

PAL player Hannah Bush, a senior at Northview High School and coached by Mia Jafari, has selected Converse College of South Carolina to continue her play in lacrosse.  Congratulations Hannah!


Other PAL players being actively recruited by Dlll and Dll programs include:

2013 graduating class
Jacquie Andreano, Caledonia
Kendra Venema, Caledonia
Jamie Ulanch, Caledonia
McKinzie Arnold, Caledonia
Liz Frey, Caledonia

2014 graduating class
Keagan Pontious, Caledonia
Savannah Monroe, Caledonia
Tori Alexander, Caledonia
Helene Miller, Caledonia
Matti Hisey, Caledonia
Amy Kuzava, Caledonia
Faith DeForest, Caledonia
Bailey Aversano, Caledonia

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