About Pure Advantage Lacrosse

Pure Advantage Lacrosse is a non-profit lacrosse organization founded to offer an exceptional lacrosse experience for a variety of age groups. We have a passion for developing athletes through individual and team training with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and the inherent enjoyment of participation. Athletes who play for Pure Advantage Lacrosse will be an elite group of lacrosse players that have the potential, desire, and self motivation to succeed at all levels.

Pure Advantage Lacrosse focuses on providing the best training in a supportive and fun environment. Tournaments will be scheduled to support individual and team skill development.

Pure Advantage Lacrosse will organize and operate lacrosse tournaments that support the high standards of the organization. Tournaments will be professionally organized and run.

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Pure Advantage Lacrosse
Pure Advantage Lacrosse
14-0 for this squad throughout the fall!

Pure Advantage Premier 🥍
Pure Advantage Lacrosse
Pure Advantage Lacrosse
Cheering for tryouts! Hope to see you all there!

Times: Middle School (2026-2028) - 2:30-4:00pm
High School (2022-2025) - 4:00-5:30pm

Location: Christian Athletic Complex
3450 36th St SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

Gain the Advantage!
Check out our website for more details.
Pure Advantage Lacrosse
Pure Advantage Lacrosse
Pure Advantage Lacrosse
Meet the coaches part 3!

Coach Keagan Pontious

Hometown: Caledonia, MI

College Team: Seton Hill University

Fun Fact: Road a bike at 3 years old!

Current Position: Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Hope College

If you were a professional wrestler what song would you walk out to? – The Real Slim Shady - Eminem

Learn more about Coach Pontious!