About Pure Advantage Lacrosse

Pure Advantage Lacrosse (Pure) is a non-profit lacrosse organization founded to offer an exceptional lacrosse experience for a variety of age groups. We have a passion for developing athletes through individual and team training with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and the inherent enjoyment of participation. 

At Pure we are committed to each of our coaches, athletes, families and fans becoming more passionate, experiencing exponential growth and developing resilience that they will carry on through their career with us, and into their lives. 


We are committed to taking care of each other. 

We will always love our sport and show it respect.

We will take positive advantage of every opportunity that we get to play our sport with our teammates.


We will embrace our shortcomings knowing that they will make us stronger when we focus on them.

We are willing to step into uncomfortable places in order to grow. 

We are persistent in overcoming our weaknesses through the work that we put in with the awareness that confidence is earned!


We approach every physical challenge with tenacity. 

We know that our grit and mental toughness will bring us to the high, even after any low we face. 

We can handle anything thrown at us with the support of our coaches, teammates and the strength within ourselves. 

These core values are in place to remind us of our goals, but also of the opportunities to learn as we strive to reach & exceed them. Being able to play lacrosse, to learn from each other and to grow together is a privilege and we are dedicated to it.